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Constructing A Modern Modular Home

Modular home construction has proven to exceed the standards that many people have placed on the traditional home construction process. This process of building modular homes is one that is much faster than homes built on-site, making it better for the customer. If one is interested in modular homes, then knowing about them can help to make any decision easier for a potential client.

With modular home construction, one should strive to understand how they are composed before one purchases. These unique structures are actually factory built homes. This means that there will be no delays on the finish date because of inclement weather, as promised by your modular home builder. Unlike mobile homes, modular homes are put on a site-built foundation, which helps to keep them safe during storms.

The fact that they have a much shorter turn around time than a site built home is another major advantage to modular homes. Modular homes are readily available since they are constructed in an assembly line style. While the exact amount of time needed will vary with the floor plan, a buyer can expect to have their new home finished in the factory in as little as one or two weeks. Finished assembly takes up to four additional weeks, giving time for local construction on the pre-made foundation. Because there can never be a weather delay in the factory, a person can feel secure that their new modular home will be ready when the builder promised that it would be.

With modular home construction, a person can rest easy knowing that their home will be sturdy and will be able to withstand almost anything. Even though these are factory built homes, they still come with all the conveniences of a traditional dwelling. The building process of a modular home ensures that everything is inspected over and over, unlike a site built home which is only inspected once. Modular homes have proven to be innovative and safe. New homeowners of modular homes are just like anyone else, in that they cannot wait until they are settled into their new abodes.

By: Jeremy Rollister

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select modular homesWhen deciding what type of home to build, Jeremy Rollister researched each building method and chose the method that was right for him. He chose a California modular home, a prefabricated home that fit his needs perfectly. He even got to chose from several manufactured homes dealerships in California.

The recession has hurt modular and manufactured home sales. Manufactured-housing companies nationwide sold about 70000 homes last year. Sales have plunged since the late 1990s.

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