Modular Home Pricing

Modular Home Pricing

There are a myriad of Modular Home Plans and Modular Home Designs to choose from. The Modular Home Prices of different aspects are mentioned below.

Modular Home Prices

Modular homes cost twenty- to forty-percent lesser than site-built homes. The cost savings occur in labor and materials.

The prices of modular houses are in between mobile homes, that are lowest and site-built homes that are highest. Manufacturers of modular homes deliver good quality at low cost.

A purchase department provides for all the raw materials and fittings. Modular homes are given the loans at lowest rates and optimum terms. The cost of a modular home changes as per the building lot and the size and style of house.

As of 2007, the different approximate prices for the various aspects are as follows: Site engineering that involves dig test pits, design septic plan and submit plan to State for approval is about $1000. Excavation for foundation, septic system, build driveway, grade disturbed areas and spread loam are $30,000 on an average. Well includes drill well to 400′, install pump and pressure tank and bringing water line to basement is nearly $7500. Electrical hookup comprises installing 200 ampere panel and hookup electrical system to service is $3000. Building permits which includes procuring building permit from town costs $500. Foundation or basement that sets forms, pours footings and walls and pours basement floors is valued at $10000. Plumbing or Heating hookups is estimated at $12000. This includes hookup gas or oil fired boiler and hookup all plumbing and heating lines. $3000 is the cost of Interior button-up that includes installation of interior doors on marriage walls, building basement stairs and touch-up drywall. Decks or porches is also $3000. Landscaping costs $1000. Installation of walks, plant grass and shrubbery are the different items.

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Modular Home Plans

The Chalet designs have picturesque exteriors, large glass areas and dramatic rooflines. These are perfect for an array of surroundings like waterfront locations, wooded areas and mountain settings. There are different home plans like Clifton, Ocean View, Deercroft, Mount Airy and Timberlake. In the Split level homes there is a flexibility of four separate living levels and in-line or traditional rooflines. Beach Haven, Glenn Haven and Spruce Haven are the different home plans. The two-storey selection has a large variety of styles and layouts that may be traditional or colonial or contemporary. The two-storey homes have the ability to interiors and exteriors to suit any taste and add garages and breezeways. The different floor plans are Elder, Hickory, Juniper, Magnolia, Mulberry, Sycamore, Shearwood, North Hampton, Hartford, Dutchess, Montgomery, Glen Manor, Laurelton, Rosedale and Lansdale. Ranch home plans are of various types like Ashwood, Chestnut, Dogwood, Hemlock, Locust, Redwood, Spruce, Laurel, Crestview and Fairview. Cape home floor plans are of different types like Cape Carolina, Cape Romain, Cape Charles, Cape Rose, Cape Cod, Roanoke, Fredericksburg and Cape View.

Modular Home Designs

There are different modular home designs like single family homes, condominiums, offices and commercial buildings. There are more than 8000 custom designed homes and commercial structures. The various designs are distinguished into the following series : Executive, Presidential, Atlantic, Liberty and Vacation. Each of these are further divided into sub-types. For example, Executive Series is comprised of Victorian, Two Story, Gambrel, Cape Cod and Ranch. The Presidential Series has Two Story type. The sub-types are:

  • Lincoln
  • Washington
  • Adams
  • Jefferson

Atlantic Series is made up of Two Story, Gambrel, Cape Cod, Split level, Bi-level and Ranch. Liberty series is two story and includes different categories like:

  • Patrick Henry
  • John Hancock
  • Constitution II
  • Ben Franklin
  • Constitution
  • Independence

The Vacation series sub-types are:

  • Hampton
  • Rock Harbor
  • Oak Harbor
  • Adirondack
  • Blue Ridge
  • Pocono

The size and versatility of the production facilites enables to build a highly-customized and economic modular buildings and systems built homes. The perpetual hunt for new materials, technologies and manufacturing techniques displays the commitment to provide the customers with the optimum output.

By Abhay Burande


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