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Modular Home Pricing

Modular Home Pricing There are a myriad of Modular Home Plans and Modular Home Designs to choose from. The Modular Home Prices of different aspects are mentioned below. Modular Home Prices Modular homes cost twenty- to forty-percent lesser than site-built homes. The cost savings occur in labor and materials. The prices of modular houses are … Continue reading

Modern Luxury Modular Homes

Modular Homes Makes Luxury Affordable The Heritage, a 6800 square foot home appraised at $895,000, provides a breathtaking example of what the newest home construction technologies and trends are making available to homebuyers through modular homes. Called the "modular mansion", this immaculate home is the most recent custom modular home offering from Building Systems Network, … Continue reading

Green Modular Homes

Modular Homes Go Green Building a dream home with all the latest amenities and comfort is every man’s dream. But the time frame needed and the planning and decision making along with the high cost might turn you down. The latest trend in building technology relieves you of all the stress and anxiety associated with … Continue reading

Custom Modular Homes

Building a custom modular home is much like building a custom “stick-built” home. But at a fraction of the price. The Benefits of Building a Custom Home The major advantage in building a custom home is that you get a completed home that ideally meets your needs, both in terms of function and quality. Today … Continue reading

Cheap Modular Homes

Does A Modular Home Make “Cents?” No, it doesn’t! It saves Dollars! Modular Home Sales continue to grow at a greater pace than their counterpart, the site-built home. They would grow at an even faster pace but for two issues: First and foremost, because people associate them with Trailers, Low Income and Poor Quality and … Continue reading

Modular Homes Review

CLICK HERE for the definitive Modular Home Review Of Nationwide Manufacturers & Builders. Modular Homes Review Many people think that modular homes are little more than cookie-cutter manufactured mobile homes. But this assumption, according to Grant Smereczynsky, CEO of Building Systems Network, could not be further from the truth. Building Systems Network is a nationwide … Continue reading