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Affordable home for camping?!? (ex: log cabin kit,modular home) Any ideas!?! ?

I’m going to be purchasing five acres of land in upstate new york that has a lake front view. All there is so far is water lines. So I need to find a place for my family and I to stay in. I really like the log cabin kit idea. I don’t wanna spend more … Continue reading

where can i find the plans for the revised plymouth style modular home?

Whats the difference between a Modular Home and a Doublewide Home?

I am getting a lot in a park for homes and I wanted to know the difference in the homes so I know what to actually look for to place on the lot..

Pre-Fab homes and tornados?

I own about 5 acres of land in iowa, im looking to buy a modular/pre-fab home, but i live in iowa so im technically in tornado alley… where am i supposed to go if there is a tornado? im looking into a small log cabin style pre-fab so they dont build them with basements would … Continue reading

I am looking to buy a modular home, how much does an average one start? Not including lot and such.?

I was looking into a 2-3 bedroom, around 1000 square feet, no extras….

can i get a heloc on my modular home in AZ?

my modular home is paid off and i want a heloc to buy another property

I have a client who has a modular home. This home was stripped out to the bare walls and reconfigured.?

They have a buyer but now the finance company now says they can’t finance it FHA because a sunroom was added to the home and because of that the appraiser said it doesn’t meet FHA guidlines. What do we do to help the buyer go FHA.

I have a modular home in my sister's land. I can no longer afford to make the payments, can the bank repossess?

8 years ago, I had a modular home installed in my sister’s 5 acre property. I am unable to afford the payments for the loan of this home. Can the bank repossess it even if it is in private property??

How to change a mobile home into a modular home?

Can I make my own floor plan for a modular home?

Is there a modular home place in louisiana that you can design your own floor plan?

I want to refinance my modular home on a permanent foundation on one acre. Do you know anyone who can do this?

I live in Northern California.

Has anyone here ever purchased a Modular home?

My wife and I are looking into buying a modular home to put on a piece of property. We don’t want to buy a "mobile" home because they are more expensive in regards to property taxes and insurance. I have been unable to find an answer anywhere on the internet. We are looking for just … Continue reading

How do I find out the manufacturer of my modular home?

All Im coming up with is CAPR…….Is this a vaild abbreviation if not where came I find it…I have the deed to the home but dont have a title. Please help

Price of a 1997 modular home when bought in 97 and value of it now?

There is a 3br/2FB MODULAR home with 1400sq feet, central air – on a foundation with a double car garage and finished recroom in basement. Also has a covered deck on the back. I’m wondering the approx price this was when purchased in 1997 and the value of it today to compare? And do they … Continue reading

When buying a modular home from a company, Is there a closing cost?

My boyfriend and I are looking into abuying a modular home from a Company, and they said they will do the fiancing and moving> would there be a closing cost?

Updating Drivers, Please help.?

I have a windows xp computer that has recently had windows xp re-installed so it runs faster and all that but the sound and no games work on it, because of no sound driver or video drivers. I’m not that worried about the sound driver but the reason i fixed this computer was to play … Continue reading

Who are some modular home builders in ohio, and how much to build a 2000 sf house?

Thinking about getting a mod built in Ohio. Would be 5 small bedrooms, around 2000 sf. What would be the approximate costs (exluding lot price?) Also, can you include links for modular manufactures in or close to ohio, and whether or not you have experience with mod homes? Thanks.

modular homes vs building a home which is better right now?

In terms of quality and pricing. If you have experience’s to share that would be great to. Thanks a lot

Solar Energy Amount Needed For Modular Home?

I want to know what it would take to run a 16 x 80 modular home nd two sheds with solar energy. What watts and amperage would I need? Off grid of course…

Will rural development accept a new modular home off a lot?

I have been trying to find a home that rural development will approve in our area, its been very difficult, seems like there is always something wrong.. I know they will accept modulars on a foundation. A friend of mine bought a modular off a lot maybe 7 years ago and rural development covered it.. … Continue reading

are modular homes good>?

We are planning on building a modular home in the next few years and I was wondering what other peoples experience has been like. Are the homes solid? We are planning on having it put on a full basement. I am just a little leary of having a house being brought in on a crane … Continue reading

I need to know if a modular home is a good idea, and what to expect when purchasing one.?

Has anyone bought a modular home?

Anyone have any experience with Modular Homes? I want to buy one

what is the difference between a manufactured & modular home?

How much does a 3br/ 2bath modular home cost in MS?

If you know the total cost including foundation, pluming, septic, etc.

Weird DirectX 10.1/11 problem?

So my new video card, ATI Radeon HD 4830 (DirectX 11 is something i dont care about, as long as i can put graphics on max with a res of 1280×720 im all good) Whats weird is i put in DXdiag in the Run program and it says my directX is 11, but my GPU … Continue reading

can you add on to a modular home?

we are getting ready to move into this modular house…it is kind of small and we just found out we are going to have another baby… i was wondering if there is any way that we can ad on to it…..we are going to have 2 kids we need a bigger house….and if not what … Continue reading

i need help finding a modular home for around $5000 dollars?

i am looking to put a 20×20 office in my backyard nothing super fancy just an insulated building that comes as a kit that i can put together myself. i have been looking around for a while and have found nothing. any links to good websites with pricing and pictures would help. im talking about … Continue reading

RAM confusion pls halp meh?

Well I’m getting a little on confused about how ram works because it says in my specs that i have 2 gig of it but then i see on the other ones i only have 500. Here is what the specs are Time of this report: 4/18/2011, 14:05:14 Machine name: HOME-6B145D01D6 Operating System: Windows XP … Continue reading

Help on making my computer faster!?

Copy of my dxdiag profile thing. Please help me to make my computer faster and the approximate cost of what all this will cost. I use a lot of P2P programs so i have a lot of media but i dont really play games on my computer. It says pentium 3 proccessor on the outside … Continue reading

What is the typical mark up for a modular home at a dealership?

What is the average price for pouring cement for a 2000 square foot modular home?

Just a basic foundation is all I’m looking for. Thanks.

How much should it cost to pour a basement under a 2100 sq ft modular home?

In grand junction, CO

Any body has the buying & using experience of modular home?

How much does an average 4 bedroom modular home go for?

Im looking to invest some money in property and see where that takes me. I’ve recently heard about these modular homes and they seem extremely nice. Im looking to see how much a modern, nice, 4 bedroom modular home would go for.