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Modular Home Websites?

I am looking for a website that actually shows the modular home and then the price for that model with the picture. Does anyone know of a website I could find this information. I just wanted to get an idea of how much they cost in comparison to a stick built house. Thanks!

Contractors Screwed me Over…Now What?

I bought a home (trailer, modular, whatever) and I complained to my mortgage company about a crappy shower. They hired a company to come in and replace it. They misinstalled the shower, causing mold in 3 diff rooms due to seepage over the course of a year or more, but it was not noticeable since … Continue reading

Does anyone know where to find some unique house plans? We want to build something energy efficent, but also?

something with character. I am in love with log homes, but they are not too energy efficent. I am looking to build modular, but I can’t find any good sites with enough pictures and designs of what I want. Plus does anyone know where I can find the green roofs which are metal? Thanks.

hanging items on the wall!?

i just bought a new modular home and the walls are not finished sheetrock – instead they are sheetrock with a type of "wallpaper" on them? whats the best item to use to hang pictures, sconces, etc on the wall that will not mess the wall up? the walls are white with a tiny brown … Continue reading

i need to know of a website that shows rental houses, mobile homes in the greenville area , in a 15/20 mile?

need pictures and prices on rental houses , mobile homes ,modular homes ,in greenville sc . including surroundingareas like travelers rest, dacusville, powdersville sc etc…..

Modular or Manufactured Homes in South Dakota?

My husband and i are looking for any websites that have pictures and floor plans for Modular homes in South Dakota. I have not found many so i was wondering if anyone out there have found any? Thanks in advance…

Where can a person live in a shed? While browsing at home depot i noticed a nice shed large enough to live in?

Is there any part of the country in which codes are liberal enough to allow one to reside in a shed or a prefabricated/modular garage? I have seen pictures of old fashioned quonset homes (the aluminum arch houses) but I have never seen any which were lived in. I only read about such homes in … Continue reading

What are some good real estate websites and modular home websites?

I live in Eastern Ky and I am looking for a house/land around here. I have looked on and have found a few things I like I even picked up a real estate book that has local listings but cant find anything… I love the 2 story Modular home style.. does anyone know some … Continue reading

Does anybody know where to find modular home models in MD ?

I want to see more than floor plans and a couple pictures before I buy. Thanks !!!

With advances in modular home quality,how do I convince my parents that they are not just all doublewide crap?

My parents just sold their house and are trying to retire. They want something a bit smaller and I was trying to show them some nicer quality modulars that they can put 0- 0k into. The only thing is that all they know about modulars is that they are junky poorly made doublewides. I've tried … Continue reading

Modular home websites?

What is a good website to view Modular homes that have the prices AND pictures of the inside?

Modular Home Pictures

Pictures Of Modular Homes There are no shortages of pictures that show you all stages of a prefabricated home being manufactured, transported, and placed on the building site … as well as interior and exterior views. Of course, you realize photos of these factory built homes can be enhanced, so take that into account when … Continue reading