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what is the process of getting a moving and placement permit for manufactured homes?

Are Commodore manufactured homes well made?

I’m thinking of buying one and I have the Grissim book, which rates Commodore as an 8, but I’m wanting an owners point of view. Do you own one?

Can I buy a new manufactured home and put it on a lot? How much for a 3br that is 0-5 years old?

I’m looking to purchase 1.5 wooded acres with other homes near by. How much do "double wides" or manufactured home cost for 3 bedrooms, nothing fancy. How much to set up septic tank, well water, electricity from the road, and propane gas (and everything else needed)? Thanks in advance!! Oh… live in michigan.

why is it so hard to refinance a manufactured home?

They are still making manufactured or mobile homes, so why is it so hard to get them refinanced once they are on property and set up as a permanent home?

How much does it cost to move/install a modular/manufactured home?

We have seen alot of nice manufactured homes for about 0-150,000. We have a budget of around 0,000. How much does it cost for then to install the house???

Can you install recessed lighting in a manufactured home?

I’m trying to "Update" a 1996 Manufactured Double-Wide and would like to remove the ugly original lighting and install recessed lighting throughout the home. Is this possible? Can I use the regular housing that is available for stick built homes?

Is it illegal to work for a real estae brokerage and for manufactured home sales?

I currently work for a real estae broker but would like to sale manufactured homes as well.

what is the difference between modular homes and manufactured?


My husband and I are considering a manufactured home. Can anyone recommend a good brand with a good reputation?

Do you register manufactured homes to DMV?

They build them in 2 sections and then they haul them to the site and put it together. It doesn’t look anytyhing like a vehicle. It doesn’t have wheels, it doens’t have motors. Is it true?

Question about manufactured homes?

There is a manufactured home in my area, built in 2000, now for sale for ,000. The website says it was a "foreclosed PROPERTY" So by it saying that, does that mean that if I pay the ,000 I own the home and the land that it is on? Or I just own the home … Continue reading

What kind of cost can I expect for a double wide Mobile Home to be Delivered approx. 100 miles?

I am interested in knowing an estimated cost for delivery and set up of a double wide mobile home that is located in Delaware and will be delivered and set up in Maryland. Anyone have any idea what something like this would cost, or any recommendations on reliable companies?

what happens if you do not pay your taxes on a mobile home? Does it add up or do?

they pursue a different course of action? How does the affect the party that no longer lives there but name is on mobile home?

Can a person with no money and fair credit buy a mobile home park?

Looking for multi unit mobile home part with no money down with fair credit in the western seven states, preferably with city utilities.

Can someone give a Idea what the cost is for a mobile home (5th wheel trailer) lot cost with hookups?

Im considering of purchasing a 5th wheeler in a year or so to live in.I am doing research on total cost.Im curious as to what a mobile home park would charge for year round stay.Im new to all this so trying to learn.Thank You!

What is the advantage vs. disadvantage to a manufactured home?

I live in San Francisco and want to buy a home. Manufactured homes are real cheap starting at 0,000 (15 miles from the city), compared to your average SF home which is minimum 0,000. Would I be making a poor investment?

Where can I find a mobile Home 400 square feet or less?

I’m looking for a small mobile home: 400 square feet or less. A family member is sick and needs a place to stay. We’ve thought of all our options, and a mobile is our best plan of action. We were hoping for one that tiny, but can’t find one What builder makes them?

has anyone replaced the insulation in a mobile home 24×48? How much did it cost?

My hot water pipe broke inside my wall and my house got flooded and the insulation under my mobile home got wet. The contractor wants to charge me over 00.00 to replace the insulation. What does it cost? I done all kinds of searches and can’t find one estimate to compare it to. Thanks a … Continue reading

Water services co-op? Where is the source to the mobile home, like a shut off valve. Or is it operated by ele

A vacant mobile home, no utilities are on. How would a buyer get water services to a co-op mobile home. Where would a water main valve be at for a co-op?

Can you charge interest on a mobile home sale if you are not a fiance company?

I am buying a mobile home in Indiana and the owner is charging us interest and we have not received any statement as to how much is payed toward the principle and how much is interest. Is this legal? Thank you for your help.

why must I pay property tax in my mobile home park while others in this park only pay a dmv fee??

I live in Sunnyvale CA in a 1977 mobile home, my neighbors with older and newer homes pay a registration fee through the DMV, how come?? Doesn’t the park pay property tax also??

Where can I find prices for manufactured homes?

how can a mobile home flood out?

can anyone list different ways a mobile home could flood out that the insurance will cough up….

need advice, we sold a mobile home but the taxes are still coming to us?

A couple years ago we sold a mobile home in oregon that was on lease land to the owner of the land. But ever since then shes been collecting the rent from the mobile home and we are receiving the taxes!!! The mobile home is not worth anything so I don’t want to fight for … Continue reading

Can anyone estimate the price of a mobile home?

I am looking to buy a mobile home. It is a 1995 Forrest Park. 2 bedroom 1 bath. Freshly painted and nice cabinets etc. I am trying to find an estimated value to see if it is worth what they are asking, but they want like 0 to buy the blue book for it. Anyone … Continue reading

What is best to put on the roof of my mobile home?

I have a 16×80 mobile home that is now 11 years old which i bought it new. I am about to coat my roof as i have heard of people doing numerous times. What is best to use? Walmart has 2 products and both by Koolseal—one is an aluminum roofseal and costs per 5 gallon … Continue reading

Mobile home sale? How much can i deposit without being taxed?

I am selling my mobile home. I have a buyer who is paying cash. I want to know the amount that I can deposit into my bank account without being taxed. I thought it was 10000 or 5000 but I dont know how to look it up online. Any search I try comes up with … Continue reading

If I move my mobile home will I have to pay back the first time home buyer credit?

I bought a mobile home in May 2009 so I will be getting the first time home buyer credit. I want to move the trailor to another state. Since I will still own the home and will just be moving it do I have to pay back the first time home buyer credit. I have … Continue reading

Carpet or Tile or something like it for remodeling a mobile home?

would would be easer installing carpet or tile or something like tile into most of the rooms in my mobile home? would be cheaper? 3 bed 2 bath

Can you put a pitch roof on a 14×70 ft mobile home using roof trusses. This one has a slight oval to the top?

I have an old 14×70 ft mobile home with the old style oval top roof to it. I would like to put roof truses on it and finish with shingles. Will the side walls support the added weight of the roof with shingles.

What constitutes negligence on the part of a mobile home mover?

In transit the mobile home was destroyed. Not on our property and we had no contract, just verbal agreement. No contract. Older mobile home. No hint from mover that he saw any problems with moving this. He did add cost for doing some welding, but no hint that he had reservations about moving. Said this … Continue reading

Loan types for manufactured homes and buying land?

I need to know what type of a loan I will need to buy a piece of property, set up and prep the construction site and then move my current manufactured home onto it? This loan also needs to refinance the home, pay for the hookup fees, move, set up and install, and would it … Continue reading

Where can I get the estimated value of a particular Mobile Home, free?

no details, just where can I get the estimated value of a particular Mobile Home, without being charged for the info?

Where can I find a mobile/manufactured home with 500 sq ft or less?

Trying to just find a little bitty mobile home, just for vacationing purposes when visiting my family, maybe even just a two room building with bed room and bathroom.. any ideas on where to look (on the web) for something like that?

I own a mobile home, but pay rent for the land it sits on. Can I still claim the California renter's credit?

The mobile home is a 1969 model and thus exempt from property tax. There is no mortgage. However, I have to pay yearly state registration fees. If renter’s credit isn’t an option, is there a deduction for the registration?